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Dedicated to roving the countryside, and seeking VHF, UHF & microwave activity...

...How can we actually be here or there...when we're not really anywhere at all?

Perhaps we should just Be Here Now...


Introduction to Roving in VHF Contests

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Microwave Propagation Tech Note

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Rover Application Notes

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Bands, grids, QSOs, activity, where there otherwise was none...are brought

to you by a crazy group of mobile-radio-active nuts...they are fueled by your level of interest...keep the flame burning.  MAKE SOME NOISE!!

This message from the Intergalactic Rover Pilots Association (IRPA)

Recommended Reading by W3HMS

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W3IY/R Sifting through kTB (Sept 2002, FM15vx)


W3IY/R Results from June, 2003 June 2003 VHF Contest

W3IY/R Results from August, 2002 August UHF Contest, 2002

W3IY/R Results from June, 2002 June 2002 VHF Contest

W3IY/R Results from January VHF SS 2002

   Don't forget to listen for the weak ones...they won't be moving the meter like this...

Don't forget to point your antenna in the unusual south, west, and northwest... There are alot of guys out there, who would like some action!!

Here's What We areRunning on the Bands

Band (MHz) TxPo(W) Antenna EIRP(dBm)
50 400 2el +62
144 400 5el/9el +66/70
222 225 8el/16el +65/69
432 185 11el/22el +66/70
903 200 2 x 31el +74
1296 125 55el looper +72
2304 100 76el looper +73
3456 50 112el looper +71
5760 80 2ft Dish +77
10368 10 2ft Dish +72
24192 2.5 19in Dish +72
47088 0.03 18in Dish +61

We do all log keeping with KM Rover by W3KM.  See

Our DC power can be switched between the alternator and a dual battery bank.  In-flight, the alternator supplies ample DC power.  When parked, we use 2 strings of 225Amp-Hour 6V cells, for good ruggedness, and fast-recharge capability.

Read More About Batteries Here

We installed high-quality ignition wiring from Magnecor to get the engine noise out of the Rcvr. See it here...

This made a 10-15dB improvement on 10/6m. We're still looking for an RF-quiet AC inverter. 

Please tell me if you find one.  mailto: wseab(at)


If we're lucky, this stuff will survive the next radio-expedition!

Click Here for a Good Idea...

Here are some links that I have found pretty cool over the last year or so.           

Space Weather Bureau
Microwave Modules by DB6NT
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Eisch Electronics (microwave kits/parts)
Solar Activity
10 Yrs of Dubus Magazine
Rover Resource Page
The King of Amateur Radio Links
Bandwidth Test

Here are some more radio/microwave links that you may find interesting 

Here's what's happening on the sun...

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:


As you maybe gathered from the above links, I am an amateur radio operator ( aka a "ham").  I sort of specialize in the VHF, UHF and microwave radio operation and experimentation sector of ham radio, because I find it more interesting than HF.  I have enjoyed ham radio since 1965, when I was licensed as WN3EIY in College Park, MD.  I had a ball operating several HF bands using Morse code, and my parents were kind enough to let me erect some pretty big antennas on our house.  Later, I was introduced to VHF, and I found it more rewarding to contact other more technically oriented radio amateurs on these higher frequency bands. 


I do a lot of operating in amateur radio activities and contests...not so much to compete, but to take maximum advantage of the increased activity that contests generate.  There are far fewer hams on the VHF and above bands, as compared to the world-wide communications on HF (shortwave)...and we need all the help we can get.  The contests tend to bring everyone out of the woodwork...including myself.  I have stuffed most of my gear into a mini-van, and I operate from various locations to help pass out latitude-longitude grid squares to other hams.  This classifies me as a rover...Here is my rover vehicle...the official Intergalactic Roving Battle Jitney...


Operating on the Shores of the Choptank River in FM18 near Cambridge, MD.



Take a mini-tour of the "Intergalactic Roving Battle Jitney":

The Transceivers (FT-100/IC706MKII)

The Transverter Stack (it ain't pretty, but it works!!)

Bird's Eye View of Signal Path (chasing RF towards the horizon)                                                  

5.7/10 GHz Assembly (2ft dish, 2xvtrs, 2PAs)

24 & 47GHz Antennas Sniffing for Signal Traces (FM15vx)

Rotor Control Boxes (they stay put when I drive nice)

Block Diagram of W3IY/R Low-Band System

Block Diagram of W3IY/R Microwave System

Block Diagram of W3IY/R DC Power System

Block Diagram of My 24 GHz System

Block Diagram of My 47 GHz System                                       

Even More Rover Pictures...                                                      

Rover Application Notes   

Some Microwave Psychology   

Joke of the month


Regional Radar - Roanoke

(We are near LWX (Leesburg Airport), which is west of DCA (Regan National Airport) on this map.

This image is primarily a weather indicator, and doesn't usually show microwave propagation enhancement very well.  It can help you point your antenna, however, for working rain scatter.  This is a very effective means of working dx on 3456, 5760, and 10368 MHz!!  Watch out for nearby lightening, though!!  If you would like to hear what rainscatter sounds like, click here (350KB) Rainscatter Signal de G3LQR.  There is a very good explanation of rain scatter here....  WA1MBA.  You can work rainscatter if it's pouring rain between you and the other station, or of you both aim at a distant storm cell.  I have only experiences the former method, and it is very impressive.  Signals are unexpectedly LOUD between 9cm & 3cm, with loudest signals found on 3cm, from my experience.  This is a great way to work stations which are not accessible due to local terrain blockage.

Radar can be a good indicator of microwave propagation.  If you go here (Find Your Local Radar) you can pick a radar image near your QTH and look for large ground clutter near the center of the screen.  This often indicates that propagation enhancement may be present.  It is common after hot humid days, on calm summer evenings.

Path Profiles

If you want to predict the expected signal-to-noise ratio for a particular microwave path, YOU CAN DO IT!!

Here is a map of my local area topology made from a software package called Radio Mobile.  My Microwave Playground

You can read about this program at It's free, and quite AWESOME!  Check it out.

Here's some background on why you can talk farther than you can see on microwaves.  Troposcatter Propagation

The lighter shades of color are mountains.  Microwaves like to travel in mountains. 

We use the Radio Mobile software program (free!) all the time to identify potential rover sites.  It is very effective, and shows you things without all the man-made clutter like roads, cities, etc.  Of course you will need to make a site-survey and deal with all these earthly matters, but it's nice to have a pure elevation map for starters.  The software is a bit challenging to learn, but it is DEFINITELY worth the effort.  You should have a fast internet connection to download all the free digital elevation data (it's quite large, and if you want to cover lots of areas, you will need 100s of MB.  (hopefully you at least know someone who can help with his lightening-fast ISP...).  The biggest stumbling block for me getting into this software was the necessity of installing all the elevation data in the directory "DTED" located in the root directory "C".  Thanks to W3IP for setting me straight on this.

More Cool Pictures

24 GHz System

47 GHz System

Anyhow...that's all the fun and games for now.  I hope to get some more time to play some more with all this website madness, but alas, my brain has had enough for right now.  Thanks for reading.  So long...and thanks for all the fish...don't give up the ship!  Illegitimae non-carborundum!



Bill Seabreeze W3IY/R...coming soon to a hilltop near YOU.       

(Member IRPA...Intergalactic Rover Pilots Association)

Carpe Diem!!

   Send any comments or recommendations to me at:    W3IY

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