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31 March 2002


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List of Magazines (both US and European) of Interest to Micro-waver Hams.


I have subscriptions to the following magazines of interest to microwavers and ATVers. The opinions of content and importance to microwavers are entirely my own.  I am always on the lookout for the best magazines in the world on microwaving published in English or French , so please share your tips on same with me.  I know that there are microwave publications by the San Diego and RSGB groups but I have not seen them to date.


73,  John Jaminet, W3HMS, EMAIL: ,April 2002.




B5+…….published in French by ANTA, the French national ATV Association.  There are frequent microwave articles using DRO and Gunnplexor technology plus measuring equipment and antennas/feeds.  Available from ANTA at 1, rue de Boulogne-37100, Tours, France.  Cost is 15 Euros per year.


Cheesebits……. published by the Mt Airy VHF Club, the Packrats, of the Philadelphia area.. There are twelve  editions per year at a cost of $16 per year.Contact Bob Fischer, W2SJ.   The editor is Rick, K1DS.  It is devoted to 50 Mhz and above…good tech articles are common. 



CQ-TV…..published 4 times per year by the BATC, the British ATV association. The cost is about 15 Pounds Sterling per year and it is available from the BATC Membership Secretary Dave Lawton at There are frequent articles on microwave ATV and related equipment and circuits.



DUBUS…….published in Germany in English/German 4 times per year. Cost is 30.00 per year. It is available in the US from Kyle Britian, KB5UBE.  It is devoted to SHF. There are many worthwhile articles and it is the main source of DB6NT equipment articles.  Articles archived are available at


Feedpoint……is published quarterly by the North Texas Microwave Society, NTMS, at a cost of $20 per year available from Wes Atchinson, WA5TKU at EMAIL  It covers microwaves exclusively and there are many fine technical articles.


HYPER…..published in French by a group of French microwavers in a voluntary cooperative. The editor is Alain, F5LWX.  There are 12 editions per year. Subscriptions are available from Andre Esnault, F1PYR at at a cost of about US $25.00 per year, payable in Euros and mailed via surface mail.  A really first rate magazine with lots of fine circuits and information from active very microwavers.


MICROWAVE NEWS……published in England by RSGB and edited by Peter Day G3PHOs . Ten issues per year and the cost is about $16/year.  Contact RSGB at It is excellent for MW news in UK, US, and Europe. More and more tech articles/ circuits are appearing.

NEWS Letter……… published by the New England Weak Signal Group  quarterly  at a cost of $10.00 per year.  The editor is the well-know microwaver Paul Wade, W1GHZ. Subscriptions are available from Fred Stefanik, N1DPM.  NEWS  is a  small pub with usually one excellent article per edition often by Paul Wade.  


QEX…….published in .4 editions per year by ARRL. Cost is about $20 per year from ARRL. Some microwave articles….often excellent notes/ideas/circuits from Zack Lau, W1VT.  


REPEATER…….is published in English/Dutch in Holland 4 times per year.  The cost  is about US$ 25 . Editor is PE1LBP. Web site is http://www/   Covers mostly ATV…some mw articles.


Swiss ATV News…….a French language magazine. .There are four editions per year published by the “Swiss ATV” society,  Casse postale 301,  Ecublens, CH-1024, Switzerland.  The cost is 25 CHF or US$20.00 per year. There are excellent technical articles on ATV and often on microwave equipment.


VHF Communications…….published in England from translations of an excellent  German magazine. , UKW-Berichte. The cost is 20 Pounds Sterling per year from KM Publications , EMAIL or in the USA from Gene Harlan of ATVQ at 1-800-557-9469.

It has had excellent articles in the past but fewer and fewer microwave articles are now appearing.