Here are even more Radio links...

  Good database of VHF & up amateur activity....

  Tom Williams' Home Page.... WA1MBA

  A valuable resource for plotting amateur radio microwave path profiles.

  Here's a site  from which you can get your very own path plotting/analysis software...FREE!!.

  If you are heading for the hills with your radios to find a high spot...look here.

  Here's some really nice DSP information including software.

  Here's more DSP information.

  Here's some really good info for designing electrically small  beam antennas.

  Paul Wade, W1GHZ has published a wealth of microwave information....

  If this bar graph gets to 6, then there could be some aurora going on.

  This site shows a real-time display of the MUF!!.

  Tropo Forecast.

  Maps centered on your QTH....

  Tired of lousy weather forecasts?  Make your own with this radar data.

  A good source for high-power amplifier design information.  SM5BSZ

  Go here to see where the sun is shining (and...where it don't shine).